Javed Javed Cardiff
Inqlab-e-Muslman-Poem by Javed Javed

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PEOPLE OF BOOK Christians, Jews : "They are not all alike. Among the People of the Scripture there are those who take a firm stand for the right cause, reflect on the revelations of God all night long and submit in adoration." Qur'an (QXP):3.113



(UN Security Council Resolution-1973)

(Simple English understanding of a Urdu Language Poem "Inqlab-e-MuslmaN" by Javed Javed-19 March 2011)

Muslims are awaking-up in the world with revolutions
Young men & women of Islam are no more dreaming in sleep

This is the Time of Democracy; Qur’an is the Way of Humanity
Look! Look! Muslim is also got-up to ride the horse for cause

Look! Look! Young Muslim Understood! Understood Now!
Leaders of Din/Religion & Nations are Crows and Chickens; not Eagle’s.

Muslims do not have any more stamina to bear the oppression
Muslims are destroying under their feet the pleasure tools of the Muslim Rulers

Tunisia, Bahrain, Egypt and Libya are coloured with Blood
Women’s are also in this Freedom Fight openly without any fear

Syria, Jordan, Aljazair and Saudi Arab have also awaken-up
Naked Massacre is seen by the whole world in Yemen

Muslim slaughtering Muslims is the conspiracy of the leaders,
Nile, Dajla (Tigris) and Chenab rivers are full with blood.

Look! None-Muslims have also got up for the sake of Muslim’s freedom,
O Mullah! What is your answer to this Quran’s Way’s action?

O Listen (Muslim Rulers)! Freedom of the Muslims can not be stopped now!
Humans are united (UNSC-1973) in this effort and shall get the justice done to enemy

Oil wealth has been plundered by rouges with both hands
Look! Oppressor’s intoxication is flying away like a bubble

If you have firm belief; Chain of Slavery shatters into pieces
Who says? Writing of the Fate do not change!

O Muslims! Not all Jews and Christians are your enemies
All of your DICTATORS are the Wrath of Allah on you

Mullah is shameless and ignorant of Islam,
He has a Quran in his hand and mischievous glow on the face.

What kind of Islam is this? General public is hungry, clotheless and in terror
Rulers are addicted to pleasure and their religion is dancing, woman, gambling and alcohol

Mullah, Pir and the Rulers are involved in your destruction
O Muslims! Book of Allah (Qur’an) is the only remedy for your pains

Whoever tolerates oppression; he is an oppressor and also oppressed
That person is the ally of butcher if he does not stop oppressor’s hand

You can not be enslaved when you have a Passion for freedom,
O Muslim! Revolution of Muslims is just the reward of your desire for freedom.

Decimate under your feet, all the symbols of tyranny & oppression,
O Muslim! The chapter of your slavery is near the end.

Night of Oppression is shattering; Light Rays of Justice are split opening
Javed (Poet) is watching the Muslims Sun Rise






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